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I go shopping at ALDI, which as we all know does not give out bags for free. So I always end up piling everything scattered in the boot of my car, or if I do bring bags, I always piled different types of products into the same bags with no system. Trolley bags is a genius invention for mums like me. It's simple, very simple, It consist of four bags of different colours that you can use for different types of groceries, like meats, pantries, veggies, toiletries, etc. That four bags can all be rolled into one bag to hang behind your trolley when you do your shopping. Once you get to the cashier, you can start placing your items in the bags in accordance to its types. When you get to your car, all you need to do is separate the bags, but them in the trunk. And because you have your items presorted, it makes tidying up in your home quicker. Not only it saves on your plastic bag consumption, it also saves time. I always have people stopping me asking where I got it from. Brilliant! - 

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