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    Save time, stress and the planet, on your next supermarket shop!

    Posted by: Juliet Potter, 09-29-2015

    Cool New Stuff for Mums
    Trolley Bags

    We are SO in love with this new re-useable shopping bag system that we could just spend the next week cruising the supermarket aisles.

    Trolley Bags are the brainchild of Irish entrepreneur Paul Doyle, who says, “I wanted to make the shopping experience more convenient.” Well, he did just that!

    He presented the idea on Ireland’s reality TV show, Dragon’s Den (think: Shark Tank) and in no time he was offered investment and garnered a cult following across Europe.

    Trolley Bags, made from non-woven polypropylene and the same netting material as baby’s cots, are now available in Australia. They are a brilliant system of four sturdy, reusable shopping bags that can be rolled together to be easily carried to the supermarket and hung on the back of your trolley while you’re shopping (note – they won’t get in the way of your goods and produce).

    Once you’re at the register and you’ve unpacked your groceries from your trolley, you simply spread the bags across the trolley in one step, kind of like you would files in a filing cabinet. The bags stand upright on their own, allowing you both hands free while to pack them.

    Each bag is a different colour and size, which means you can sort your groceries according to weight or type. Heavier groceries can be packed in the smaller bags at the front of the trolley, and lighter items in the larger bags at the back.

    This also makes it so much easier to sort and put away groceries when you arrive home - the bags are attached to each other with Velcro and can be quickly separated to carry them out of the trolley.

    Trolley Bags are $34.95 for a set of four re-useable, durable and eco-friendly bags. To purchase:

    Australia –
    NZ –