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Trolley Bag Review -

Trolley Bag Review

I was recently sent a set of Trolley Bags to review. I have seen the video for these before and thought it's such an ingenious idea, so I put my hand up to give these a try. The first thing I like about this idea is that it folds up into one roll and because its easy to do, I've found I am just taking it straight back to the car when I've unloaded groceries. I was always forgetting to take my bags and having to buy new ones, which ends up a very expensive proposition.

But by far what makes the Trolley Bag system stand out is it's unobtrusive while shopping and it's easy to fan out the bags in the trolley and start loading up your groceries. I do most of my shopping at a supermarket chain that doesn't offer plastic bags so you either bring your own or you buy new ones every time. This system means I don't hTrave to do the whole pop all the groceries in the trolley and then stand at the benches having to pack all my groceries routine. It all goes straight in as the cashier scans it through. I've shaved a good 5 to 10 minutes off my time spent having to pack groceries into bags. This gets a big thumbs up from me.

Trolley Bags are available in Australia from RRP $34.95 for set of four bags.